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I am not a vegetarian, and I dont advocate not eating meat. Firstly, I think meat and fish in moderation contributes to a complete and balanced diet, although reducing meat intake oftentimes becomes and impetus to eat more vegetables, which is always a good idea.

But when thinking about where our meat and chicken come from and the industry built around America’s demand for more meat may just be excessive.

After surfing around on youtube I came across this videoand it got me thinking about the meat industry


(be aware it was produced by PETA and is very graphic, needless to say not for children)

Growing up in southern California with a Father who grew upon a cattle ranch in Idahoe, we always had chickens for eggs. We didn’t eat them because laying chickens are too tough, but they did eventually die of natural causes. Eventough we took their eggs (i know the eggs are their babies) we valued them, and delt with them on a personal basis with the respect, asĀ  I believe we should treat all living beings.

Should cows be sluaghtered on my behalf, yes. should they be treated with respect during that process, yes. The problem in all of this is the price. We all want that .99 cent ground meat and 1.99 happy meal.

So maybe we need to rethink how much beef and chicken should we as a culture be consuming, where the animals are valued and are treated with respect.

What do you think?

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