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by shadow woman

I was up a couple times during the night. All that water has to go somewhere.  And, I don’t know If you can relate, but even if he’s a good boy during the day, I HATE going to the bathroom after my husband in the middle of the night.

I wanted to go shopping and get the things I needed – vitamins, yogurt, fruit, etc. I wanted the walker cleared and ready for some heavy duty walking. I wanted to do so much, but didn’t. Stupid! not being prepared for this undertaking has almost sabotaged me from the get-go. But, if I would have said –“Wait, I need to get this and do that” first, I never would have started. Still, I wish I was more prepared.

Wake up. water and walk – This is so hard to do and I so wanted to blow it off the walk. Again, having a buddy worked. I guess I am very susceptible to the guilt factor.

Work Day: So far, so good. But today, lunch wasn’t as satisfying. I don’t think I am getting enough cals at snack time and lunch. But I MUST not ‘make them up’ at night. I don’t feel as draggy as I usual do at this time of day, still doesn’t mean I would turn down a rest cot and a blankie.

My knees aren’t so bad half way through the day, but my hip is another story. But no matter what, I will continue to walk twice a day. It may hurt like hell, but the rest of my body must appreciate it! I’m hoping it will pass. I can’t let it stop me from getting healthy, that is for sure and positive.

And I can’t emphasize the importance of being prepared. I am so hungry now, but all I have to eat is a tomato, a cucumber and some cream cheese. YUMMY – not. They ran out of cottage cheese. AND – my favorite cookies are out today, calling my name. Keep repeating ‘What would I tell Dena?”

It’s 5:30 and I am hungry. I really need to eat more satisfying snacks and lunches. Dena suggested I add a soup to lunch. We’ll try that tomorrow. Or, maybe have it as the afternoon snack. I so want to go and munch on the cookies and wafers they have available here, but no.

Big revelation – Not only is my buddy helping, writing about it reinforces compliance. I guess that’s my personality though, and it’s better to work with it than against it.

Tomorrow – better planning, better food.

Note to self: I just realized something. I am going on a mini-vacation Wednesday and Thursday. I don’t want to lose momentum, but I don’t want to restrict myself too much either. Nothing like getting some alone time with the old man only to have it spoiled by salad and celery sticks. I’ll have to think on this one.

Evening Walk – I just couldn’t do it. All my determination. All my commitment. I physically couldn’t. My knees were ok, I could deal. But my right hip was Agony or some close relative. Thank goodness my husband was able to pick me up tonight. I don’t want to walk anymore. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? It’s a viscous cycle and I must break out.

Dinner – Shwarma in a pita, not a healthy choice day. But we were running late, and dinner wasn’t started, and we needed to do shopping so I could have food tomorrow, and, and, and… I think you know the story. I thought I blew it completely, but to my pleasant surprise, the calorie count on a Shwarma is between 400 – 500 calories without hummus or techina. Since I didn’t either, I was probably OK. But the white flour – not good.

Snack – ¼ cup of trail mix – nuts, raisins, dried apple and banana. Wow. That was way too much. I hope my low count for the day compensates. But I didn’t feel hungry, which would be a deal breaker for me. Also must give myself a pat. I didn’t go back for another ¼ cup.

Bedtime – Blew it again. I watched Olympic Pairs Figure Skating. I don’t live in the same time zone and we taped it for the evening. I hope I wake up on time.

All in all, today was harder than yesterday. Hungrier more often and my physical shape slowed me down. On the up side, I have the food I need to snack properly (no vitamins yet – bad girl) so tomorrow already promises to be better.


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Now that we are trying to make the right choices of food, next is how much should we be eating:

Lesson 2: Size matters

Bigger is not always better. I love to eat, no really I love  to eat. And for many years I have struggled less  with than what I put in my Mouth but more with how much. I like many people around the global have total misconception about  what are bodies need to get through the day? How much is in a serving? and what should we be feeling when we leave a meal?

How much do our bodies need in a day?

after looking around the web this seemed to be the easiest way to find out how much should we be eating.

the easy way
If all of those calculations seem too confusing or tedious, you can roughly estimate your daily calorie requirements using this simple formula:

For sedentary people: Weight x 14 = estimated cal/day

For moderately active people: Weight x 17 = estimated cal/day

For active people: Weight x 20 = estimated cal/day

that was easy now on the the more difficult part

How much is in a serving ?

Here is a great article in ehow about simple and easy ways using your hands to determine protions sizes portion control basics . For those who are a little more fanatic, not nessecarily a bad thing, you can either get a scale or a really cool invention the diet plate, a preportioned plate that measures your food.

Now the hard part

How a I feel after eating a serving?

I am not one of those people who sit in front of a plate, eat, stop when I am full, and step away. Usually the food is too good and I like to the feeling of being stuffed and many many other reason, most have nothing to do with what my body needs or what is a serving. Now it doesn’t help that food producers are continually trying to give us more value in food, by giving us more. Our stomachs have been stretched where we don’t even know what should satisfy us. It becomes more difficult to keep to our decitions when we feel hungry.

So I have devised a clever way of eating enough of what I need and not over eat.

1. sit- people eat less when they are running aorund or in front of the TV

2. start with an vegetable appetizer- I love to start my meal off with soup filling, warm, and I get an extra dose of veggies

3. measure food- show myself what I am going to eat and make my mind up thats it.

4. step away from the table- when im finished  I step away clear my plate and tell myself that I have had my caloric intake

5. reward myself- after dinner is over by atleast an hour and I still think i need to eat and I followed all the steps then I get a reward. I like fruit in the evening like mangos, melon, or grapes, but again always measured

Its not great but it works and I found when I am aware of my hunger, and what I am eating, and How much I should be eating. For the most part its a mind over matter thing. And after while it just gets easier and easier. try it for 2 weeks every night and see the results for yourself


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