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Make a weekly meal plan and shopping list

This sounds so simple and it is. Tons of research has shown that people who plan what they eat, eat less and waste less. Because when you go the super market and just buy and buy and buy, you end up throwing a lot away. If you don’t know when you are going to use it, it often goes to waste. Now this does not mean that when you go to the store and see some beautiful fresh strawberries you should say, no it’s not on my shopping list. But think of all of the fresh and often expensive produce that gets pushed down the garbage. Guess what you not only paid for that food, but also went to store spending your time, and even more money in gas to buy it only to have the garbage man take it away.

Plus arranging your dinner according to a reasonable schedule means that is will more likely happen. EX. If I have a class on Wednesday night then I plan to have a super quick and easy meal like whole wheat pasta, or make one on Sunday that can be unfrozen like a lasagna.


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