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Shabbos, it happens every week. When dieting, most people I know chose to ignore the day. I have been one of those people most of my life. Shabbos was always, a free for all, eat drink as much as you want. Limiting would detract from the Shabbos experience. I agreed with that for many years. But when I began to be more serious about weight loss, I knew I had to start adjusting my behaviors.

However, I didn’t want to DIET on Shabbos. Shabbos in its most basic sense is a day of rest. But its more than that it is a day we elevate beyond the physical realm and attain a surreal sense of peace, contentment and joy. And I don’t know of any more meaningful medium for experiencing that except food.

There has to be more, because if over eating makes me unhealthy than it cant make me truly happy, peaceful or content. So I started thinking to myself how can I limit out limiting.

I went back to my primary principles of dieting which are positive. If I eat all the food I need to eat I won’t have room for bad things.

Here are the strategies I starting employing that really helped:

  1. Add more veggies as a fillers to meals: Unlike week day meals Shabbos meals are different in that they have choices. I often have two or more choices or proteins, and carbs. By adding more veggie options I have more of an opportunity to fill up on vegges.
  2. Start with a clear broth soup: fills you up and just plain delicious.
  3. Eat whole grains:  As much as this hurts sometimes I have cut back on my potato intake and looks toward, buckwheat, brown rice and other options that are simply healthier.
  4. Take a walk: I have tried to get out more on Shabbos, sitting around is not healthy for me or my kids
  5. Make only one dessert: if I only have one I am more conscience of how far it goes over the weekend
  6. Cut the excess: Most meals start with what my husband and I call the never ending salad course. We get straight to the point and eat the food we want (usually the chicken), instead of sitting around eating mindlessly.
  7. Watch how many portions: I don’t pull out a measuring cup like the rest of the week, but I watch how many times I fill my plate.

I don’t think people should get obsessed with dieting to never have a day off. But I think more people are not having that problem, rather they like myself take too many days off. I have been trying to refocus my Shabbos, and remember that it is a spiritual event and maybe edge away from all of the physical manifestations. So that I may enjoy 120 years of Shabbosim.

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First things first, thank you. Because you’re there, reading my posts – I’m even more encouraged to follow through. You really make a difference.

Today I’m going to focus a bit different. We all know the deal now – water, exercise, water, eat, stretch, water, snack, stretch, water, eat, water…So today – let’s talk about feelings, breakthroughs and realizations.

Waking Up – I went to bed later than I wanted. And when the alarm rang, I hit the snooze again and again and – NO. If I didn’t get up now, I wouldn’t have time to walk – and I had to walk. So grumpy, tired mommy yells at the boy to get out of bed and get dressed. “I’m leaving and I want you dressed and ready for breakfast when I get home.” This sweet little voice called,”Why can’t I walk with you?” Indeed, why not? So, I calmed down and waited for him to get dressed. He ran the first ten minutes, we walked and talked the final ten, and then we enjoyed breakfast together. He said he was going to go to bed really early so we could walk longer tomorrow and suggested that I should do the same.

And what a wake-up call for me. First breakfast, now exercise. I was really sending the wrong message. I hope it’s not too late to change that – for both of us.

Forgiveness – Mistakes happen – don’t let them bring you down.
I didn’t walk last night. I failed. Normally, that would have been enough to stop me. But this morning, I did it anyways. I decided early on, if I made a mistake, to forgive myself and keep on keepin’ on. The results? Haven’t gorged on chocolate and haven’t given up on my walks. Good enough for me.

PAIN – If I hurt, don’t hurt myself even more. I was so into working through the pain – (I blame the Olympics and their no pain, no gain attitude). Reality check, I am extremely out of shape and overweight. My poor bones and joints can’t take the strain. So, last night, no walk. And this morning? My hip feels fine. My knees are a bit sore – but no biggy. At this place, at this time, the evening walk is too much for me. I’ll try again in a week.

Satisfaction – Face it – we all want instant satisfaction and gratification. That’s part of my weight problem. So I have to find the right foods to fill the hollow pit. I’ll have to play a bit to find the perfect combo of healthy, filling food that works for my, Until then – just deal. I’m hungry, not starving. After all, I’m going to eat something in less than 3 hours. I can wait that long. Then, when I make this work – I’ll experience satisfaction on a whole new level.

Willpower – I don’t think I have a lot of this, but I think we all have enough to get us through the little battles. Like this one. Day 2 commute home – and I am HUNGRY. It wasn’t a very satisfying day. And what’s that in my pocket, forgotten and forlorn? Half a bag of chocolate. Creamy, melt in your mouth chocolate. I didn’t eat it!!! (and the crowd goes wild!) Yes, I had enough willpower, but not enough. My willpower needs friends. Like Dena, like you.

Note:Vacation for the next 2 days. And I’ve decided. Don’t restrict too much – but don’t go overboard. Let’s see if I can find the middle.

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Be Awesome

Lately I have been feeling like I’m slipping, both in food control and exercise, so I decided to raise the stakes. Sometimes competition with yourself gives you the edge to keep to your resolutions.  I found this really interesting article in prevention magazine about the perfect day of eating. After reading it, I got excited. It seemed to plan out a reasonable balance of food, water and exercise.  And I thought to myself, what if I did this for a whole week.  To cement this resolution, I enlisted another one of my friends to do it with me.  So for the next week I will be following this plan of action as best as possible and I will be writing every day this week.

So tune in for daily updates

And if you want to join just look over the article and if you have any trouble just comments below I will glad help.

Lets do this together!

PS. I anticipate that the food won’t be as much trouble as waking up at 6:30.

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When people mention cauliflower, they usually think of boiled down sulfuric mush. Well I am here to champion the cause of cauliflower because I simple think it is delicious and really super easy to make. I just made this recipe last night and I’m still thinking about it, (I don’t know very many cauliflower recipes that I drool over)

Garlicky cauliflower

1 head of cauliflower

1 TBLS of oil

Three garlic cloves

Dash of salt to taste (I prefer kosher)

Slice the cauliflower really thin, heat oil in a pot and throw in cauliflower.

Stir for about 5 minutes until cauliflower is softened.

Chop garlic and throw it in and cook for less than 2 minutes.

Season and serve.

Makes 4 servings

This recipes is only 3 Weight Watchers points total

Did I mention that the recipes is so easy?

Or the fact that everyone wanted seconds but it was too late? Yes – cooks have the best access.

For those who want to know more about cauliflower: Cauliflower is a member of the cruciferous family of vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and kale (no it not related to the curse in harry potter) and is chock full of vitamin and nutrients. We now know that cruciferous vegetables contain compounds that increase the liver’s ability to neutralize potentially toxic substances. (Worlds healthiest food)  I guess that mean I can have some more wine with my cauliflower

Cauliflower is best between December and March.

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mozzarella tomatoe

“I don’t understand it. They take some food and put it on the table and call it cooking.”

Julia Child

From the culinary education of American restaurants most people assume Italian cooking is pasta drenched in cream and meat sauce. When in fact, Italian cooking is a wonderful example of a healthy and vibrant diet. Stemming from the Mediterranean background, Italian cooking is based on whole grains (such as pasta, polenta and farro), fresh fruits and vegetables (eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes), healthy oils (olive oil), fish (everything from sea bream to octopus) ,  and a sprinkling of meat and cheese. A perfect balance for the healthy minded individual

A great article describing the health benefits of the typical Italian way of eating (notice I didn’t call it a diet)


Typical Italian meal

Notice that they have multiple courses; although they each individually are small together they make up a full plate of food. The meal uses fresh and seasonal vegetables and contains a low fat protein such as fish or chicken, most Italians do not eat meat very often.

Antipasto (Appetizer) – e.g. salami, or bruschetta


Primo Piatto (First Course) – usually pasta or gnocchi (Typical serving 3 oz or half a cup)


Secondo Piatto (Second Course) – usually meat or fish


Contorno (Side Dish) – vegetables or salad to accompany the meat


Dolci (Sweet)  – Fresh fruit is usually eaten as the preferred option

If you don’t have the time or energy to make Italian food from scratch check out this survival guide to eating out Italian


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