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“I don’t understand it. They take some food and put it on the table and call it cooking.”

Julia Child

From the culinary education of American restaurants most people assume Italian cooking is pasta drenched in cream and meat sauce. When in fact, Italian cooking is a wonderful example of a healthy and vibrant diet. Stemming from the Mediterranean background, Italian cooking is based on whole grains (such as pasta, polenta and farro), fresh fruits and vegetables (eggplant, artichokes, tomatoes), healthy oils (olive oil), fish (everything from sea bream to octopus) ,  and a sprinkling of meat and cheese. A perfect balance for the healthy minded individual

A great article describing the health benefits of the typical Italian way of eating (notice I didn’t call it a diet)


Typical Italian meal

Notice that they have multiple courses; although they each individually are small together they make up a full plate of food. The meal uses fresh and seasonal vegetables and contains a low fat protein such as fish or chicken, most Italians do not eat meat very often.

Antipasto (Appetizer) – e.g. salami, or bruschetta


Primo Piatto (First Course) – usually pasta or gnocchi (Typical serving 3 oz or half a cup)


Secondo Piatto (Second Course) – usually meat or fish


Contorno (Side Dish) – vegetables or salad to accompany the meat


Dolci (Sweet)  – Fresh fruit is usually eaten as the preferred option

If you don’t have the time or energy to make Italian food from scratch check out this survival guide to eating out Italian


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