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Sometimes wight loss has back tracks, this week has been one for me. My work schedule has come before exercising and I feel that I havent been eating as strict as I was two weeks ago. Eventhough I hear the voices in the back of my head telling me just eat your way to happiness, at this point i would love to eat a tube of ice cream. I am just going to accept the failure of the last fews weeks  and just keep going, hoping for the best.

Starting is always easier than contiuing becuase you have that new feeling, the empowerment of newness. How to keep going thats the real trial. So what will I do to keep ont he straight and narrow, because with me its all about what is going in my head.

1. I revisited why I am losing weight : ex.I want to fit into designer clothes

2. I created an challenge: 2 pounds for the next two weeks

3. created a reward: buying new cloths that will hopefully fit into better if I stick with my exercise program

(i dont like tying reward to weightloss because if you dont succeed than i feel like f ailure and have no reward, so i always keep the reward based on specific action tha represent purposfull action)

4. Read inspirational stories: If a woman can loose 150 pounds I can loose 4

5. keep going no matter what

One of the most interesting person in my life has showed me the principle of “Failing to succeed”. What ever you do it doesnt matter as long as at the end you just keep going. So I am just going keep my head over water because if  I do that sooner or later I will succeed if not just by luck.

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