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Now I love cooking TV. What better way to experience food without the calories. Saturday night came by and my husband left me for a poker game, and its just me and youtube. My friends have been gushing about Jamie Oliver (my secret foodie love is Gordon Ramsey) ,  he  is a great cook, his shows are the best. I figured it was time I caught up with humanity.

While surfing the tube, I found this program about how our food harms our lives. I must warn you this is very graphic (especially the autopsy) but well worth the hour or so. 18 brits have to face up to what they eat and what it is doing to their bodies.

After watching it I was very very motivated to return to the values that I try to keep each day, get 5 serving of veggies, whole grains, and exercising. This program is not meant to make people feel bad, in fact I dont think I goes far enough to say how bad fried and fast food are. Jamie is just trying to introduce and create a better aweness of what food does and hoepfully  inspire people to eat better for long and heathier lives.   The best thing baout the program is that its is really created for the average person and provided sensible ideas to problems we all face.  I found the magic bullet suggestion surpisingly helpful .

this is just the first part of 8 but they all worked for me, enjoy.

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