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I don’t know if I even need to say this but I know I do. It is not really possible to lose any significant amount of weight without engaging in some form of exercise. Sounds easier than it is, most people at some point in their lives have started an exercise program. But for the most part they it never  becomes part of their lives hence only 1/3 or Americans actually exercise on a regular basis. In order to insert exercise into your, you must make it part of your life. So here are some basic tips to starting an exercise program that you can stick to.

1. Find and ideal time: when starting a new program pick a time, a specific time that you can stick to and that you are willing to forgo other activities in order to always do it. For example, I cannot exercise at night because I cant sleep. So I picked Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to exercise between the hours of 7-8. Nothing gets in the way of my three hours of exercise. My Husband does not have time in the morning so he dedicates Monday Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-11. When you make a specific and consistent time span you are more likely to prioritize it over other things.

2. Make it Fun: nobody is ever going to do an exercise program that they don’t like. Find something you like to do and make it into a program. I love Yoga and kickboxing, other people like biking,  walking on the beach, or Dancing. By doing what you love is going to give you that fulfillment and also adds more to your life

3. Make friends: People like to do things with other people. when your doing things with a group its automatically more fun and since others are relying on you, it is more likely to actually happen. So meet up with a friend to walk in a near by park. Or get together with other to do a exercise video.

4. Do-able yet Scalable: It is important that you can actually do the activity and that it has the ability to  grow with you. There is no way that I could row 20 miles in a canoe, but I can walk for 1/2 hour. And when 1/2 hours gets to be too easy I can extend the time or run for 15 minutes and walk the rest. If you pick an activity far out of your comfort range it is unlikely you will continue doing it

5. Set Goals: setting specific goals helps you focus on what important and even start a little competition with your self. Whether increasing the exercise time by five minutes or using 1 more pound of weight or doing 2 more sets. Making you reach for something just beyond what you are doing and accomplishing it makes you feel good and more likely to repeat the action in the future.

I hope these tips will help complete a overall wieghtloss program. Just always keep in mind. You can Do this. No matter who you are or where you are. Being healthy is always within your reach.

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