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I hate Sundays. Why? because its after shabbos. As a religious Jew I observe the day of rest as carefully as possible, which is a wonderful relief from the go go action of the week. Its one of the few time a week I can just chill out with my family, take pleasure walks and not feel rushed. The problem is that it is religiously mandated to eat at least three meals. Halachically what constitutes a meal is ritually washing hands and eating bread. But shabbos meals have gone far far beyond that simple definition into the realms of gorge fests.

All week long I am denying my self the wonderful things and then shabbos comes along and all inhibitions go out the window. Cake, cookies, sweets, meat, soda, you name it is on the table. Now because I am committed to losing weight and being a healthier person I have begun transforming my shabbos meals into healthier options. For example I always have two vegetable options that are low fat, so I eat my meal but make sure that at least half my plate is filled with veggies. I stay away from potatoes making brown rice instead. And we don’t fry anything, eventhough I dream of snitzel.

Yet Sundays are still the problem despite my changes I still know I am over eating, which means Sunday when I go back to measuring my food and no junk is all around a sucky day. I don’t want to limit myself on shabbos yet, its still my release day. But I know that I need to do something because Sundays are unbearable.

Hopefully I will grow into my healthy lifestyle to enjoy special food on shabbos and not overindulge. Like have one cookie and that’s it.

I am just going to keep trying until I get it right

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